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:About the project Mikvah Petachya

Moshav Petachya is located in the regional council of Gezer near the city of Lod. Hundreds of traditional families live in Petachya.

There is an old ramshackle Mikvah in Petachya that, in the words of the local Rav and Mikvah attendant, is barely used. Many women refrain from using the premises due to its off-putting conditions.

Renovating the current facilities will give the residents an appropriate response to this pressing issue. 


The Mikvah was completed in Nisan 5781. (3.2021) decoration


Technical details

  • The lowland area
  • About 250 families

Campaign completed

Due to your generosity Mikvah Petachya can now be completed

Possibilities and options to donate to project
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