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Many towns and villages there is no organized body that is responsible for the Kashrut supervision of the Mikvah. Therefore, Merkaz L’Taharat Ha’Mishpacha invests energies in upholding the kashrut of existing mikvahs scattered all over Israel.  Maran Ha'Gaon Rav Ahron Yehuda Leib Steinman zatza"l expressed the concept in his usual straight to the point manner. An unkosher Mikvah is not a Mikvah.

Activities of the Va'ad Kashrut of Merkaz L'Taharat Ha'Mishpacha

Kashrut supervision:

The Va'ad performs hundreds of yearly routine inspections of Mikvahs. Certified Rabbonim visit the Mikvahs, and the maintenance department fixes all halachic problems. After confirming that the Mikvah is a hundred percent kosher according to halacha, the Va'ad Kashrut issues a certificate attesting to the kashrut of the facility.

The certification assures users that the kashrut department has checked the following parameters:

Furthermore, additional individual tests are carried out according to the status of the mikvahs in the various localities.

The  Va’ad Kashrut handle and arrange the following:

Common questions:

Why is it essential to have a Va'ad Kashrut for Mikvahs?

A Mikvah is a ritual bath used for purification. There are countless halachos regarding the proper manner of how to build a Mikvah and how to maintain its special status. Just as t is accepted by all Torah observant Jews that there is a need for the supervision of all food products to assure their kashrut, so too is there a need for the monitoring of Mikvahs. Supervisors check the Boros, making sure there is no leakage of water from the reservoirs, and that the Mikvahs are adequately filled. The job of the Va'ad includes the supervision of all parameters of halacha.

Why do we need kashrut supervision?

Unfortunately, in many communities, there is a lack of regular maintenance and control checks. This causes a build-up of issues that render the Mikvah halachicly unusable.  A Va'ad Ha'Kshrus prevents this by continually visiting the Mikvah facilities and maintaining constant supervision of the Mikvah's condition. When needed, the Va'ad will oversee repairs such as rainwater pipes, trenches, rooftop maintenance, water reservoirs Boros, and all other maintenance required to maintain the halachic status of the Mikvah.

What is the Va'ad Ha'Kashrut of Merkaz L'Taharat Ha'Mishpacha?

The Va'ad Ha'Kashrut is an integral department of Merkaz Le'Taharat Ha'Mishpacha. Ha'Gaon Rabbi Ahron Yehuda Leib Steinman zatza"l and Rabbi Avrohom Ganichovsky zatza”l, founded the Va'ad after finding serious issues regarding the kashrut of existing facilities. Rabbis Steinman and Ganichovsky established the Kashrut Department as an integral department of Merkaz L'Taharat Ha'Mishpacha.